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Perhaps you have written a book and it’s ready for editing . . . or you want to write a book but need some help . . . or you have a story to tell but want someone to write it for you . . .

Our team of Christian professionals at Christian Editing Services is ready to help you.

Christian Editing Services

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How To Get Started

Read more about our services here. Then just contact us and tell us about what you have written—or want to write. It may be an article, short story, book, website content, academic paper, poetry, a story for children, or whatever. We will discuss various options with you and recommend the services we think would be the best fit. After we have agreed on the details about services and fees, one of our Christian editors becomes your personal editor—and you're on your way!

Karen Burkett, founder and owner of Christian Editing Services, says, “It is my hope the CES team and I will be able to partner with others who have a story to tell or a message to share, and together we will make an eternal difference. Let’s join together in the harvest—planting, watering, and trusting God to bring the increase.”

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Then contact us to discuss your writing project. No obligation. Together we will explore our services to discover which will serve you best.

Our Team

Read more about our CES editors and designers on our team page.

Karen Burkett
Kevin McNelly
Lois Lofton, Marketing Coach

Dixie Phillips
Stephanie Nickel
Jen Miller
Roger Simmons

Jarl Waggoner, Editor
Bethany McShurley
Katie Boxeth
Donna Petersen

Tammy Webb-Witholt
Zillah Williams
Terri Hall
Robyn Burwell

Phil Wade
Kim Merritt

Sarah Nickel
Lisa Groves